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Louder than you think
Absent of sound
What happens when
You tear these words away
In the moment
In the change
Speaks more than words could ever say.


Word Fourteen: Smile

happiness is shown
in something that grows
with a simple word
or a change of heart
the contours of your lips
the dimples that come with
expressing what is within

Word Thirteen: Misfortune

There was a moment in time,

I couldn’t think

the bell wouldn’t chime,

my blood mixed with this ink.

I was suspended along,

hurt and guilt fumed

fighting the wrong,

becoming consumed.

my writing was smudged,

making no sense

I wouldn’t budge,

but I had no defense.

Written for love,

but broken in hate

I am just sick of,

this debate.

Word Twelve: Insanity

When I want to go away

I can go anywhere

When I want to go away

I can be right here

When I feel like leaving

I just close my eyes

When I feel like leaving

I just loosen the ties

When I go away

I crawl inside

When I go away

I am glass-eyed


a thought

can provoke a picture,

painted through the mind

that allows,

a feeling

that can express,

a distant time

when something used to be.

Word Ten: Breathe Again

Life is added,

and taken away

within time,

no one can stay.

When its over,

the body will decay

no longer at work,

no more breath for another day.



Word Nine: Drive

if there is nothing,
nothing there
if you can’t believe
in anything anymore
if there is nothing,
nothing to stand for
if you can’t believe
in yourself
if there is nothing,
nothing more
if you can’t believe
in me
if your all
you think you can be
if you can’t
even try to be more
then what is worth dying for?

your so young,

eyes so bright,

a montone word,

lovely bones, fragile,

to the breaking point

minds made for learning,

no contamination creeping,

in the cobwebs of the corners,

shadows unseen

innocent word

innocent smile

innocent lies,

hide behind your eyes.

pain free,

so light, so bright,

so amazing in the end of my life.

Syncronized, hard, cold

not conformed, no opinion

for their wishes,

apart by voice,

alone in silence,

never giving another inch,

marked apart,

stand your ground,

for all is lost,

if you fall apart,

define yourself,

don’t be anyone else,

your lost; unheard,

ashamed, burned.

Word Five: Seeking Solace

Miserable, lonely, lost

just wishing for,

the comfort of your arms

feelings that can’t be expressed,

gives no rest

no one to go to,

no one is there

when it all comes crashing down,

I’ll be lost

falling back, watching the rest,

discouragment is clawing at my chest

no faith left in my heart,

alone til death does me apart.

it moves like a whisper,

blotching out the light

dulling anything bright,

overcoming your mind.

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